Sunday, September 16, 2012

Color Run, Pinterest, and the craziest week ever...

Last Sunday I completed the HAPPIEST 5K on the planet. It seriously was.  I've never been around so many happy people in my LIFE. I loved every second of it. Here are my highlights:

{All the people at the color festival}
{The throwing of the colors and us in the street afterwards with our awesome eye protection}

If you ever get the chance, DO IT! It was so fun! And I totally followed their directions by spraying my shirt with vinegar afterwards so the corn starch didn't all wash out, and it worked! It's a dull color, but my shirt still has the purple, orange, green, blue, pink and yellow that made me so happy that day!

I ran the race. Came home and napped. And I'm glad I did.


...everything in my life started back the SAME week this week.

I do mean everything.

Dance class.

Grad school.

Back to School Night.

[You get the picture]

Which means I had no time for life until today.

During which I did EVERYTHING and felt like freaking Martha Stewart. Which is fine by me. I wish I could have days like today EVERY day!
{Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese and vanilla frosting for those of us lactose intolerant peeps}

Anywho... Basically every day this week I was out of the house for 14 hours, or more.


Monday, straight through from morning until Back to School Night was over at 9. I was so excited to meet every single parent (they all came--yay!), and they are all so wonderful!

Tuesday, I had to go straight from school to class and was there until 9, which didn't get me home until 9:30.

Wednesday, dance classes started, so I left straight from school to the studio and taught 2 hours of tap and then reconfigured the schedule until about 7:30. Then I needed to pick up dinner for the future hubs and I, so I didn't get home until 8:30. :o(

Thursday, we had Insanity (which I love and is the one thing I do for me), so I stayed with my next door classroom neighbor, and got some stuff done around the classroom, and then worked out hard core from 7-8 pm and went home.

Then on Friday, I had my second grad school class right after school. Thankfully, she let us out "on time" and she is wonderful! I'm going to learn so so so so so so so much from her!  I had the class again on Saturday from 9-3, and I took so many notes! She's so inspiring and engaging, and she hates textbooks as much as we do! :o) Yay!

The fiancé and I went to a super nice dinner last night followed by a trip to the Bulls-eye (Target). It was so nice to have a real date and enjoy each other. He's seriously my rock (I know I gush about him all the time, but he's the best ever) and he just knows how to make me smile.

So that was my week in a nutshell and why I haven't had the chance to read ANYTHING, but I'll be back on tomorrow night and see what everyone's doing!

Today, I was Pinterest crafting while grading my pre-assessments for spelling and math so I can see who knows what and start doing some grouping.  Here's some of the things I made!!

 {Copied this exactly--future hubs loves it}

 {One of 4 1/2 loads of laundry I accomplished while organizing and grading}

{My new croc shirt. Lacoste style with the Ducko twist.}

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and relaxed more than I did! I feel so good with what I accomplished today, so working through the Steelers game was so worth it!

Have a great week!!!

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