Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lazy Sundays? Not in my house!

So far, so good... I'm keeping my promise!

Well, since last weekend and this past week (which we had a full week of, FINALLY) have been devoted to school, this weekend was devoted to hubby and I!

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions, things thrown at me from all directions, and a minor freak-out because I realized I have 2.5 months to finish my internship hours, since January left us with a mess.  I got a new student while we had our planning day on Thursday, and then worried about it all day because I was worried she wouldn't know what to do!  Lucky for me, my amazing class of kids took care of her. They are too sweet!

On my way home Friday, he informed me I needed to go to FedEx to pick up a package.

Let me give some background... Hubster is not spontaneous.

Like ever.

So for me to be receiving a present made me all kinds of giddy inside! I, of course, begged and begged for him to tell me what it was, but he wouldn't budge.  He told me I'd find out once I picked it up, haha. What a stinker.

So, I got to FedEx and it turns out he got me a Valentine's present early (another thing he doesn't normally do--Man, marriage turned him into a mushy guy)!!

Since he surprised me with delicious strawberries, we decided to celebrate our 6 month anniversary early and pop open the Moet and Chandon my best friend got us for our wedding shower.

We felt very fancy drinking such fancy champagne!  It was definitely the perfect way to end a long week and celebrate with my husband who I never get the chance to see.

The rest of the weekend has been devoted to spending time together, and I loved every second of it. Today I decided to embark on a few Pinterest endeavors I have had stored up in my brain.

First stop: organizing all my clothes!  I started by doing this drawer a few weeks ago:
 I loved it so much (because everything was easier to find!), that I took my other drawers that looked like this:

 And turned them into this:

I've been working on my closet over time. It's organized by colors, and then from shortest sleeve to longest. It may seem a little OCD, but it makes choosing outfits in the morning SO much easier!

And last, but not least... all my scarves and belts!  I must admit, I have a small obsession with buying scarves. I love them, and I wear them all the time... Spring, fall, summer, winter, it doesn't matter!

So, obviously, I need a way to store them. Because the following wasn't working:

About a year ago, I invested in a rack of hooks to hang in the closet.  I picked white since the walls are white in our apartment. I hung it up, and it became a "hanging station" and I just stuck all my belts and scarves and bags on it with no organization. So naturally, I decided to redo it today.

I hung it up and put my 5 million belts on the end (I reorganized them after this picture).

Then I tied and hung up all my scarves, mostly by color.  I think it looks really pretty hanging up!

In addition to cleaning up the house, we cooked breakfast (french toast), lunch (baked potato grilled cheese), and dinner (bacon wrapped sirloin with green beans and stuffing) while watching the Olympics and working on school stuff.  Then we topped it off with an amazingly easy dessert!

So, that's my weekend! We're in the process of watching the new Walking Dead!  Hopefully next week, I'll have some school stuff to blog about!

P.S. In case you were wondering... this is what a baked potato grilled cheese looks like:

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