Monday, January 16, 2012

A day in my shoes...

So the 6th grade teacher I sometimes stalk check out on her blog has a linky party. A day in your school shoes.

Well, mine were pretty darn fancy last Wednesday (I know I had 2 other days of school, but Wednesday was a very good day and I love the shoes I wore that day, so we'll go from there). I have this very cute, broken in, comfy pair of 3-3.5 inch black pointed-toe snakeskin (fake-I promise!) shoes. I love them. And I had them on Wednesday, to help my case.

I had been sick (boooooo) on both Monday and Tuesday, and was so glad to be back in the classroom.  As nice as it was to sleep and play on Pinterest, I was bored.

So here's how Wednesday went (times are rough estimates):
5:38-The alarm goes off
6:00-I actually get out of bed and crawl into the shower
6:10-Got dressed and started drying my hair, and put on my fancy shoes (ok, not fancy, but I love them)
6:36-ish-packed up my lunch for school
6:48-Left for school
7:01-Walked in and got started on my pile of stuff from both of the subs
7:05 Decided that it was too overwhelming and stuffed all of the papers in my bag to look at when my head was in the right place (we've all been there--don't judge!)
7:08 Wrote the date and morning message and fixed up my schedule on the board
7:14 Opened up my computer and compulsively checked my email (as if I hadn't checked it like 30 bajillion times while I was out sick)
7:16 Responded to a very sweet parent who had sent me a "get well" email
7:21 Printed out the math worksheet guided practice that we were going to be doing that afternoon
7:24 Walked down to the workroom and made my 30 copies
7:25 Finally ran into a coworker (since I boarded myself in my room from the moment of my return) and talked to her about how I was feeling
7:35 Pulled out the guided reading books for my groups to see what my focus lessons would be for the morning
7:47 My coworker who works through my adjoining door opened it up so we could chat, and we talked about how I was feeling and what the heck I was SUPPOSED to be teaching, now that I was a full 2 days behind (although she assured me that her class did the same reading lessons that mine did, even with a substitute. That made me feel a teeny tiny bit better, I sa-wear!
8:11 I finished getting the last of my things cleaned up and put where they belong and organized my materials for all of my subject areas for the rest of the week
8:31 Greeted my kiddos with a smile and a handshake (made sure to sanitize first!) and had them come in to unpack--also got many hugs from little guys who missed me (one said "I'm so glad you're back, that sub on Monday was no good."--Made me smile although I had to tell the child that it's inappropriate to say things like that)
8:44 Took attendance and watched the morning news show and said the pledge of allegiance
8:46 Started my reading lesson without sending the attendance I took in my head to the office via computer
8:47 Continued my reading lesson (sans attendance) about nonfiction text features... we were learning about headings and how the headings in our book look visually different from the other text on the page.  Kids predicted why the author does that and we talked about the purpose of headings and added it to our anchor chart
9:02 Sent kids back to their seats to complete their page in their nonfiction text feature booklet (we found on Pinterest) on headings
9:07 Began guided reading groups and as kids finished, they began read-to-self (I love this part of my day--they're so independent!!) This group worked on word work with the word "handlebar" from their book
9:21 Started the second guided reading group of the day.  Midway through I said "Whoops!" realizing I had taken attendance (in my head) but didn't send it via the computer.  Sure enough, I walked to the computer to find an email, haha
9:27 Continued meeting with the group
9:34 Asked children to find a buddy to read with for "read to someone/listen to someone"
9:36 Continued meeting with 2 more guided reading groups while they read with someone else from the class
10:05 Called students back to their seats and we shared a few good thoughts we had while reading
10:10 Had students come to the carpet for writing minilesson on a writing prompt we were working on for our team planning day (to be sure grades are consistent). I taught the kids how to use their rubrics to gain the grades they wanted.
10:16 Sent students off to write and had about 8 one-on-one conferences with kids about their writing.  Many kids finished publishing their prompted writing and needed me to staple (I'm controlling about my stapler-I'll admit) it together, and then went off to start a piece in their writer's notebooks.
10:45 We shared a few of the published prompts, which were SO cute!
10:50 Started indoor (no way in you-know-where I was going outside in the freezing cold after just being sick with a fever-no way no how!) recess and taught the kids my FAVORITE (ok, re-taught many of them) game as a kid: 7UP!!

Like for sure.
And I was so good at cheating as a kid that I totally know the tricks now. When 3 in a row get it right, I know who to keep my eyes on...

11:08 Lined up for lunch and dolled out cafeteria responsibilities (3 table washers and 2 floor sweepers) and headed down the hallways
11:10- Walked my lunch buyers through the line to make sure they're not beating each other with the Styrofoam trays or anything crazy... And then checked on my kids that were sitting down to make sure they were sitting down and not being crazy... Can you tell where our behaviors slack off??

Whew... I'm exhausted and we're only at lunch. I'm going to warp speed the afternoon:
11:40 Pick up the kids
11:50 Started class meeting--played Coseeki, heard 2 kids share about themselves, and practiced last name greeting
12:00 Walked to the library for our library lesson--kids listened to 3 VA reader's choice books and recorded their thinking to help remember the books when they vote at the end
12:34-Walked back up to class and sat down for social studies
12:37 Read some more about Jaques Cartier and talked to the kids about why he's a famous explorer
12:45 Kids filled out their interactive notebook pages
1:00 Walked the kids to music--finally a break!
1:06 Managed to make it to the bathroom (a luxury I ignored while home sick)
1:10 Made copies, organized, and pulled up Smartboard lesson stuff I needed for math. I also met with our tech person to go over OneNote (best ever!) and told my volunteer what she was working on with the kiddos
1:59 Walked to music to pick up the kids
2:01 Walked to the gym because my kids were no longer at music, but rather at PE (duh--schedule!)
2:02 Apologized for being late and explained why--only for my coworker to giggle at me
2:05 Got back to class and began my Smartboard lesson while my volunteer pulled groups
2:20 Sent kids to their seats to complete their math notebook entries
2:27 Passes out guided practice and worked with 2 groups of kids at my back table
2:50 Said goodbye to my volunteer and finished up one more math group
2:59 Sent the students to clean up and have DEAR time
3:02 Worked with my handwriting kiddos at my back table and sent a few to their seats
3:18 Had kids clean up and stack chairs and book boxes
3:25 Kids were lined up and said goodbye on their way out the door (I need a handshake goodbye before they can leave--teaches them manners :O) Nothing wrong with that..)
3:28 Took a deep breath and awaited my parent to arrive for our conference :o)

It was a busy, but very productive day. I felt efficient writing that all down. :o)

So, link up with Miss Klohn!!!


  1. What a busy day! :)
    I'm new to your blog and I'm already a fan! Love your Steelers jersey in your profile pic. Go Stillers. ;)
    Stories From Second

  2. tired me right out!!!

    I'm a new follower - found you at the linky party. Welcome to the world of blogging! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog! You sure had yourself a busy day. I always feel like I am playing catch up for a week after I am out!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher