Saturday, September 1, 2012

Behind the 8 ball and my TPT store!


I totally have had the craziest summer ever!!  Grad school went through mid July, so I was a total slacker this summer.  Then school started back up, and we all know how that goes! I've been decorating, cleaning, moving, and organizing my fabulous little second grade room.  And we had open house Thursday (yay!).  My kiddos are fabulous and wonderful and there's only 23 of them, so that's 7 less than last year, which means more room to move and groove! :o)

So this summer... the future hubs and I went on the most fabulous vacation of all time.  We headed out west for the first time ever, and he took his first plane ride! We went to the Grand Canyon and then stayed a few days in Vegas.  It was super relaxing, and we realized we travel well together.  Which, of course, is always a bonus!

Here are some of the highlights of our trip!

 This was the beautiful view from our hotel in Flagstaff.  I was amazed at how gorgeous everything is out west!  I told J I would move in a heartbeat. :o)
 The first day there, it rained, so we traipsed around Flag and found an awesome observatory to hang out at.  Just so happened to be the same one that discovered Pluto.  So I had to buy myself a nerd shirt, of course.

The Grand Canyon was seriously the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!  The pictures were all amazing, and they still don't do it justice.  I was also very impressed by J's daring attitude climbing all over everything!

 On our way back to Vegas, we stopped at the Hoover Dam.  The first picture is from INSIDE, and the other is from the top looking over it!  We of course took the dam tour with the dam tour guide and he let us take all the dam pictures we wanted, haha!

We had so much fun seeing all the crazy people and things in Vegas!  I loved the Bellagio fountains, and this giant shoe we found inside the Cosmopolitan hotel.  I think I embarrassed the fianc√© having him take my picture... but it was only appropriate!

This is us on our negative one anniversary.  We went to an awesome dinner out and then saw LOVE!

And on our last night, we had to eat at Serendipity!  The frozen hot chocolate was so, so yummy!

Ok, so now that I'm caught up and back to reality, I wanted to share that I finally started my own TPT store!  I don't have much in there so far, but as I create and make, I will share throughout the year!

I hope everyone is off to a fabulous start to the year.  My first day is on Tuesday, with my sweet little kiddos!  I'll post pictures of the room soon, I promise!

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