Saturday, June 2, 2012


So I started like 4 posts in May, and was so crazy busy that I didn't get around to posting ANY of them.

Here's why:
I finished my first grad school class on May 6th, and then I had like 1276825 papers to grade for school, because I neglected them for like 3, maybe 4 weeks. And then Justin and I had maybe 5 bagillion errands to run every weekend, and we started going to some baseball games, and next thing I knew, it was time for grad school to start again.

And so, my schedule at the end of May left me with Monday-class, Tuesday-dance class/ homework, Wednesday-class, Thursday-one free night, Friday-class, and Saturday-class... Lucky for me, my professor for the Saturday class gave us a reading day so that we could "read" during Memorial Day weekend. All I have to say is, how do people with kids do it?? I can't even take care of me!!!

And so, as my life winds down and back up again, I'm showing my cute-adorable-I'm-so-proud-of-stealing-this-idea-from-Pinterest bulletin board.

I was looking for something FUN to keep behaviors to a minimum for these last few weeks while we finish up our math assessments, social studies units we have yet to teach, and end of science Monarchs unit (we go til the 15th, and I'm literally teaching until the 14th--ahhh!).  So, I came across the Angry Birds board on Wolfelicious' blog. Now, my kids LOVE angry birds.

When I say LOVE, I mean...



write about it in our writer's notebooks

talk about the game at recess


with the game.

So I had to make the board.

I would have never forgiven myself if I didn't.

So I totally did.

I started with my poetry bulletin and took it down.

And then I put our "prizes" in the balloons and started blowing them up.  I needed to take it a little bit at a time, because I got lightheaded very quickly!!

Then I spent some time at home drawing (yes, I'm crazy--I couldn't find coloring pages the right sizes, so I just drew them myself!) and coloring in their faces.

I pinned the balloons by their little tail onto the bulletin board, and then literally glued the pieces on with a glue stick.  I was shocked that they stuck!!!

So, here is the finished product.  I've never been happier with myself (toot-toot, I'm so tooting my own horn here!) for stealing someone else's idea!  I also saw these adorable Angry Birds wall stickers at Target for $9.99, so I bought them, stuck them to white paper, laminated them, and then cut them out to add to the board. :o)

I actually got smart and scanned in my Angry Bird faces and pig faces, so if you'd like to steal them for yourself, please do!!  I haven't set up a TPT account just yet, so I'm putting it on my google docs to share!  I have to upload them from my work computer, so I'll update when I do!

**UPDATE** Here are the links for the faces of the angry birds and pigs.  There's 4 total!! The paper was bigger than the scanner, so my apologies for their lack of being professional looking.  I'm still learning! haha

Hope those of you who are done with school are enjoying summer, and those who aren't, good luck to you!!! These last few weeks are going to test my patience, big time!

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