Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Back!!

Talk about a hiatus!

Well my bloggy friends, I am finally back, and I've got lots to share!

This past year has kicked my buns big time.  I took two classes in the fall and spring semester, plus teaching full time with a new team, and planning my wedding. Add in dance class, meaning an end of year recital thrown in there and you can get an idea of the crazy! This summer, the man and I finally got married on August 10th (don't worry, pictures to follow) and it was the BEST day ever!

So... what better way to stage a comeback than with a Farley Currently!

Listening: I am so in love with this show! Every summer, I look forward to the new batch of talent and loveliness that is these amazing dancers. I am always so impressed at how far they push the envelope.  And this year, Aaron (my tapper favorite) and Jasmine STOLE my heart. Completely. I can't wait to find out who will win next week.

Loving: I switched grades this year, and I am in LOVE with older kids! In past years, unpacking supplies would take HOURS. You get it. HOURS. This year? 30 minutes. That's IT!!!! I was in shock. This is also a group of kiddos that I have had/known since they were firsties, which is fun!

Thinking: I need to get back into it. I have been impeccably lazy since the wedding, and I was not ready at all for school to start, much less change grades last minute (more about that later).

Wanting: This time of year is so full of craziness, so J and I are really trying to make time to just be a newlywed couple.  We got away for Labor Day weekend with my family, which was awesome!

Needing: Extra time. Enough said. I don't think that needs any more elaboration!

Love for muh-self: J and I have tried a running regimen, and haven't stuck to anything yet, so my goal is to start slow.  I'm also starting up with teaching dance again next week, so I need to download some good tap music for my girls (who I adore). I am thinking some Gaga and Katy Perry! And I am super excited about helping two of my teammates as they start their journey with the Daily 5. I figure I'm going to need tons of their help, so I'm looking forward to being able to help them out a bit!

So, I am looking forward to reading about others' September Currentlys, and I am hoping to get on here quite a bit more this school year!

On to my last three weeks...
August 9/10: J and I got married!  We had our wedding at a little old amusement park about 40 minutes from where we live that is now an art center. I fell in love at field trips, and when we found out we could rent it, we were both sold!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!
Rehearsal dinner!

This one is by our fabulous photographer! Maura was amazing!!

Week of August 17/18: Starting setting up for my sixth graders.  The boys I watch in the summer came in with me and helped me start unpacking, and we spent the last week of summer doing some fun stuff!

Last Monday, August 26: First day teachers are required to report back... We found out we had to destaff a teacher! :o( I was so sad to see her go! And then, of course, rumors began as to what was going to happen with shifting people around. So I went to my AP and asked him if I should continue to unpack. He said no. Which meant for one brief hour in time, I could have been a 3rd grade teacher. After the year I had and the mental prep work I did to get ready for sixth, I can tell you honestly... I would have been an awful teacher this year in that scenario!  But, fortunately, I had some friends with clout who were looking out for me, and with a few shifts, I ended up in fifth grade. 

Tuesday: Sat in my room and stared. At. The. Mess. A few people offered help, but I didn't even know what to start with. I was a mess. I came home and cried a little. I'm not ashamed.

Wednesday: Took up our IA on offering to help, and my classroom actually LOOKED like one by 3pm.  Then J came by for 4 HOURS after work to help me have it ready for open house. Have I mentioned to all of you how fabulous my husband is?  It takes a real man to marry a teacher!

Thursday: Open house in the afternoon... The kids were so confused with my name and grade change! Lots of past kiddos came to say hi and take pictures and ask about the wedding.  Luckily, I was able to whip out the handy iPhone and show them my pictures!  Needless to say, I was exhausted, but J and I then went shopping after the day was done, followed by our weekly workout. Which I need to do more of since the wedding. Pretty sure my dress would not fit the same today as it did 3 weeks ago, tee hee.

Friday: Finished up the little things to be ready for the kiddos and planned out some stuff with my team!

I know that's totally the abridged version, but I didn't want to bore everyone with all the minute details of what I did.  I promise to post about day 1 and have some classroom reveal pictures in a few days!

For now, it's time for bed! My very patient husband waited up while I blogged, so it's time to get some rest for day 2!!


  1. Here via Farley's linky :)

    Your wedding pics are beautiful! Congrats! And good luck on your day one of school!


  2. Stopping by from Farley's link up, congrats on your wedding! I am also addicted to sytycd, can't wait to see who wins, they are all so amazing.