Sunday, February 2, 2014

Staging a comeback...

Well, clearly starting a blog during grad school and wedding planning was a BAD idea.

Because my life has been C-to the-R-to the-AZY!

Anyways... what better way to stage a comeback than with Farley's Currently.
I am noticing a trend. I seem to do this in February...

Maybe it's because I'm feeling all the LOVE!

My new year's (late by a month) resolution is to blog at least once every two weeks. My goal would be to blog every Sunday, since I know I have a little more time, but I also need to be realistic.  And, I promise to post fun things I'm doing in my classroom instead of my life. Hopefully.

So, I'm just going to get RIGHT to it.  Here's my February Currently:

LISTENING: My cat loves curling up next to me and sleeping.  He only does it when daddy is gone, or showering... But I still love it, nevertheless.  He refuses to lay ON my lap, so I have to accept that he will lay next to me, all cuddled up.

LOVING: We went to brunch in DC for a good friend of mine this morning, and during brunch, they put on a fabulous drag show.  I saw booties that looked WAY better than mine ever will in booty shorts. And the most fabulous maitre-de Justin (not my husband), who took over and danced his way around the restaurant.

THINKING: I have been so out of the loop with school, between flu and snow days.  Therefore, school has been on my mind all weekend!  I have spent hours pouring over Pinterest ideas. My kids will think, "What happened to Ms. Wood? Where's the old, boring teacher?"

WANTING: I love Peyton Manning. He's my graduation speaker in May. So, I'm biased. I want him to win and retire on top. I'm not saying he SHOULD retire. Because he shouldn't. But, he might, and if he does, I hope he gets to end his career being THE BEST.

NEEDING: No more freaking snow days, Mother Nature.  Do you hear me??? NO MORE. I only got 6 complete 8 am to 3 pm days with my lovelies last month. SIX!!! That is blasphemy!

1. I spent my two teacher workdays doing internship hours and fell in LOVE with middle school.  I think a lot of it had to do with who I was job shadowing and the interactions between the teachers and students.  But I loved it.  Every darn second.  And don't be scared. The kids were way sweeter than I expected!
2. During college, I spent a summer in Copake, NY as a counselor.  It was a very interesting experience, because I grew up in a Christian house.  But almost every single kid from the camp was Jewish, so I learned about challah, said the prayer each Friday night at dinner, and learned about some of their bat-mitzvahs.  For a white girl from the 'burbs, I loved every second of it.
3. FIB! Justin loves curling, and I find it the most boring sport on the planet.  I give them credit, because they do need to be smart and logical, and whatever. But I find it soooooooo boring. And hubs will watch it for HOURS. Needless to say, I'm glad I'm busy and won't see much of the Olympics!

So that's that.  Please link up with Farley!


  1. Our listenings are similar except I'm listening to my dog snoring next to me! So funny…I love having a furry friend next to me while I'm blogging.

  2. The game has been tough for the Broncos, but I am still cheering for the best team :)
    I am going back to work after being out 4 days...I am going crazy.
    My Second Sense

  3. Sorry that your team lost last night...brutal game! And although I need to get back on routine at school, I'll never turn down a snow day haha!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog. I am doing a February Holiday TpT pack giveaway!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat